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segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

Frank Toldo at the stoned church part 2

Frank Toldo at the stoned church part 2: "Grazie:

Robert Babicz "Astor" remixed by Gui Boratto; Nutown Project "Lovely SIS" B; NDKJ "Funkest star" remixed by Marcello Concialdli; Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti "Westside Story"; Adam Beyer "Remainings III" remixed by Paul Ritch; Claude VonStroke "Big N Round" Maetrik remix; Gaiser "Flashed"; Popof "Faces 'Uch"; Kalet "Living Like a Child" original mix.

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Frank Toldo at the stoned church part1

Frank Toldo at the stoned church part1: "Many thanks to: Ada, Gui Boratto, DJ Hell, Carl Craig, Robert Babicz, Sebastien Leger,Paul Kalkebrenner, Timo Maas, Sinisa Tamamovic, Alan Fitzpatrick and Paul Woolford."

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Remind me (demo version)- new track by toldo...

...available at:

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Toldo & Twitter

O Twitter do Toldo

Toldo's Twitter

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New track by toldo!!!


available at toldo's Myspace:

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Deep Delight Records

   Deep Delight Records, an electronic music label, was created in September 2006 and maintains the goal of finding, developing, showcasing, and launching unsigned artists. To supplement Internet exposure DDR will use traditional marketing tools (cds, dvds...) to recruit and expose artists to the world. 

Deep Delight Records: 
DJs & Producers:
- Toldo 
- Joel Campos aka HiDuplx 
- Deep Delight Foundation 
- Jill aka ProjectoJil
- Punos
- Delacroix 
- Pedro T 

For booking please contact: 
Deep Delight Booking - 

Available at:

ps: site soon...